• Career Potential in 2018

  • Career Potential

    Career Potential

    As the new year kicks off Thom Singer discusses seven tips for doing more in 2018. To reach your career potential in the new year you have to have focus and take actions.  This podcast episode will spell out some of the ways you can do more. He had a record year in 2017, and wants others to unlock their potential in 2018.

    Here are his seven tips

    1. Have a plan. Too many people will write posts this year about why NOT to set goals in the new year. Usually they pooh-pooh goal setting only to rename it and give the same advice. Blah Blah Blah. Having a set of clear goals is important if you want to maximize success.

    2. Take ownership of your life. Thom shares how he spent most of his career pointing fingers and blaming others (and blaming his own past) for his lack of success. Taking ownership that his life was his own doing was a key to achieving more.

    3. Make people a priority. Too often we ignore those around us. In a day of cell phones and the internet it is easy to never look up at the people we are close to, but when we choose people we choose success.

    4. Ask for help. Most people want to help others reach their potential, but if you do not clearly let people know who to help you and what you need, they may not understand how they can be of service.

    5. Believe in yourself. Sometimes it seems nobody else will. Even those close to you may be naysayers.

    6. Try new things. Doing the same thing over and over will not expose you to new ideas. You have to listen to how Thom shakes up his routine every Monday.

    7. Have fun. After years of being secretly sad and frustrated, Thom shares how he chose to have fun in his career.

    Kick off your new year with episode #319 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.



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