• Dave Padilla is a Modern Day Renaissance Man

  • Sound editor in Hollywood, drum-tech for top rated rock bands, real estate tycoon, and investor in one of the hottest new music apps are just a few of the pieces that make up the life of Dave Padilla.

    At 34 years old Dave has lived a life that could be movie. From humble beginnings and without a fancy academic pedigree he has worked with and been mentored by some of the most amazing people in the world of music and television.

    His strong work ethic and curiosity about people and the world around him have lead him to success that many only dream about in their early 30s. He sees opportunities that others do not see and then he takes action. He only wants to work on projects that give him goose-bumps, and he has reached a place in life where he can say no to working with people whom do not bring him joy.

    This is an episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” that you will listen to more than once, and you will definitely want to share it with your friends. And check out his answer to how he gives back to others, and ask yourself if you are doing enough to help your fellow man in a face-to-face manner?

    Contact Dave via Instagram at @AZASound.

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