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  • The Potential Mastermind Project

    What Members say:

    "I appreciate the professional diversity of this group. It exposes me to other ideas and professions I might otherwise not encounter. There is a trust that is built between the members and we share our experiences and give feedback. Thom brings a wealth of experiences and interesting ideas from the people he meets in his travels as a speaker" - Tim (Potential Mastermind Project Member)

    "It is valuable to have conversations with others outside my functional area in an effort to better everyone's path toward success. This mini-mastermind group is full of encouragement, challenge, support, and camaraderie. The members push each other to excellence" Dan (Potential Mastermind Project Member)

    Build Influence / Reach Potential / Take Action

    Participating in a group mastermind means you are never alone.  The Potential Mastermind Project is here to let you talk with others who are working to do more in their career. Accountability is key for an entrepreneur, solopreneur or intrapreneur who wants to discover more success. Going through the daily routines of your work alone will hold you back from reaching your potential. Being part of a community is an important step in doing all you can do in your career. All opportunities come from people, and it takes longer alone (and is not as fulfilling).

    The Potential Mastermind Project is a group coaching mastermind community hosted by Thom Singer. When you sign up for this group you will become part of an intimate community of people who have "been there and done that" (or are doing it now).  Each person shares ideas on how to navigate your own journey. It also gives you direct access to Thom Singer for his insights. Engaging with the members of The Potential Mastermind Project will make you think about ways to create a career plan, increase visibility in your community, focus on sales and marketing, and get things done.

    The program includes weekly video group conversations (typically Tuesday nights at 8:00 central), a private Facebook page, and one-on-one coaching calls with Thom (one call in each six month cycle). The idea for the group came from listeners to the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast" who wanted a chance to chat more about the concepts discussed on the show. The community has changed and grown since it started and we are looking to add more inspired people.

    Join The Potential Mastermind Project and become part of something educational, motivational, and fun. Find the support you need and give support to others while doing cool things everyday.

    $595.00 for six months (one time fee)