• Keynote Speaker Austin

    When you are hosting an event in Austin, Texas you should consider local experts to serve as your keynote speaker or master of ceremonies.  Thom Singer, CSP, is an experienced speaker with over 600 career presentations.  He has a high-energy presentation style and actionable content that will set the tone for your conferences.  


    Keynote speakers who are local can add an additional flavor to the conference attendee experience.  Thom Singer is known as "The Conference Catalyst" and when engaged in a conference in his home city of Austin, Texas he brings a unique perspective to how yoru attendees experience their time in town.  Thom can add in Austin specific information to his keynote and / or serve as a guide to help everyone discover all the cool things that the Texas capital has to offer.


    What is the CSP?


    The CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) was established in 1980.  and is the speaking industry's international measurement of excellence and skill.  Administered by the National Speakers Association, fewer than 800 professional speakers worldwide have earned this designation.