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    Money expert Joel Block

    Joel Block

    Joel Block has a mind for money. He sees money differently than the average person, and Thom Singer invited him as a guest on Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do to have him share his experience and advice with the listeners of the show. He is an investor and business consultant who left the accounting world to forge his own path in business.

    Joel runs a real estate hedge fund that acquires distressed real estate assets, though he spent many years in the venture capital business. Joel has conceptualized, capitalized, operated and sold several companies, one of which he sold to a Fortune 500 company. Joel is a Certified Public Accountant, a licensed real estate broker and a recognized thought leader in the emerging investment CrowdFunding arena.

    He is the founder of www.InvestorValet.com, a Funding Platform for investors to interact with his sizable network of syndicators and fund managers. As a professional speaker, Joel speaks at conferences across the country advising audiences on how to profit from the recent changes in the capital raising laws. Joel’s newest book, Investing in Private Securities: Using the CrowdFunding Rules to Super Charge Your Investment Portfolio is scheduled to be released in mid-2016.

    Specialties: Media, publishing, plastics, recycling, sports, football, boxing, golf, newspapers, radio, revenue development, sales, sales force development, sales force management, strategic planning, fund raising, syndication, capital structure, professional speaker, best selling author, Buyout, Private Equity, film finance, real estate, Mergers and Acquisition, Board of Directors, Board of Advisors,

    Joel is also a seasoned presenter who addresses business organizations, sharing his insights and expertise from 30 years in the venture capital and hedge fund businesses. His fast paced, entertaining, but life-changing material amazes audiences because of Joel’s ability to impart complex concepts in the simplest ways using analogies and stories. Audience reactions range from roaring laughter to pure amazement as Joel opens minds to new concepts and better ways of running businesses and making money.

    Joel also hosts conferences to assist others in acquiring the skills needed to syndicate properties. As the nation’s preeminent real estate syndication training provider, he helps real estate brokers, financiers and investors acquire the skills to pool resources so that they can build wealth by controlling growing portfolios of real property.

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