2023 Keynote Speaker – Thom Singer, CSP

As you look for your 2023 keynote speaker, Thom Singer might be the right choice.  Thom is the CEO of the Austin Technology Council and a passionate advocate for community, collaboration, and conversations.  If you want your meeting participants to be highly engaged (and most people attend in-person events for the “networking opportunities”), you need to make the human connections a priority.  Thom turns your event into a human laboratory for connecting.

A main reason people attend in-person events if for the networking opportunities, but once present they do not really do the things necessary to connect.\

As your 2023 keynote speaker, Thom Singer will turn your event into a “Human Laboratory” for community, collaboration and conversations. Do you want your keynote speaker to create change in your audience.

This presentation will get people to rethink how they talk to people, and why they should choose people over staring at their smart phones while present at your event.

Adding one person to your “inner circle” is more powerful that adding 1000 people to your LinkedIn. If people connect and make friendships at your event they are more likely to come back next year. Be sure your keynote speaker is setting the tone for the whole conference. Change the vibe of your 2023 conference with a keynote speaker who will take the idea of networking and make it the theme of your meeting in a way that will get everyone more engaged.

The opening keynote speaker in 2023 needs to help people become active participants in your event. To book Thom Singer you can contact him at https://thomsinger.com or reach out to Midwest Speakers Bureau.

This video is from the Midwest Speakers Bureau “SPEAKER SHOWCASE” in 2022.