Business Tips In Any Economy  - Thom Singer

It was just a few weeks ago the economy was booming, and now we are in a global pandemic and looking at rising unemployment and a possible recession.  It is amazing how fast things can change. But there are business tips in any economy that will help you in beating a recession.

The one thing I know for sure is that every downturn is followed by growth.  The unknown is how long the recession will last or what sectors will be impacted the most.  This post is my 7 business tips for any economy, as these ideas should help you be ready for the ups and the down.  Are you wanting to be prepared for beating a recession? Look closely at the below ideas.

7 Business Tips In Any Economy

  1. Pay attention to your money.
  2. Know your strengths (and your weaknesses)
  3. Partner with others.
  4. Stay in touch with clients.
  5. Help your clients (helping is the new selling).
  6. Be creative – and be scrappy.
  7. Talk to smart people every day.

As I write this post there are many unknowns, but these things will help you no matter what happens. I am especially happy about number seven…as talking to smart people will always lead to a fresh perspective. They do not need to be in your industry, as the best ideas often come from a synthesis of points of view. If you want to chat with me… call me or email me anytime.


Thom Singer is an expert on human connections. He is a keynote speaker (and in this new world a virtual keynote speaker) and master of ceremonies / EmCee.  (Planning virtual meetings? Thom Singer co-founded a product five years ago called “The Conference Talk Show” where he can host or co-host online events.  They were ahead of their time, but now virtual and hybrid events are a real thing).