Association community building is very important.  It is the most important thing that associations have to offer.  In the past the education was king of the association offerings, but with all the access to learning online, the community is what people need the most.

I am a keynote speaker who talks to association and corporate audiences about how to embrace the human side of business.  This is not just for people in sales or those looking for jobs.  Business relationships are the secret key to employee retention.  We are hearing all about “Quiet Quitting“, but it does not happen in companies where people have real friendships.

In our society, there seems to be people who are outwardly saying they do not want to belong to trade associations. Ok. Not everyone wants to belong. But there are also surveys that show more isolations, loneliness, and depression than at anytime in the past. This is a place trade associations and industry associations can make a difference to help people. Association community building is a must do thing for all industry trade groups.

We all long for connection. Being disconnected is not really what we are wired for. But in society there are exclusive cliques that form, but do not allow outsiders to join. Trade associations are open to all in an industry and that is a good thing. Inclusion is important.

Some who are successful have no patience for those trying to learn about an industry, and forget they were not born with all the experience they have now. They get together and chat with peers behind closed doors and it lets them feel the joy of their exclusive positions…. but their conversations are not helping influence anything.

More community, collaboration, and conversations can solve all the problems we face in any industry.  All organizations can tweak their strategy to improve their association community building.

I think 2023 is the time for trade associations to step up and be the place that scream “COMMUNITY” from the rooftops.

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Association Community Building - Keynote Speaker Thom Singer Thom Singer is a keynote speaker who transforms industry events into engaging experiences.