If you do not believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? To to achieve more of your potential, you have to believe in yourself. When you lack self confidence you will get stuck. Trying to grow a career takes momentum and continuous actions. Self doubt or self sabotage is one of the biggest road blocks that people have.

(Listen to a recent podcast episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” where I discuss “momentum” and sales success).

You Can Do This

As a business growth speaker, I work to help people focus on moving across the gap from potential to performance. This is a real chasm that people at all levels of their career face on a regular basis. One of the biggest problems is questioning if we are worthy, qualified, or getting worried about failure.  Sure, there are times we will stumble along the way, but failing to believe in yourself will hurt you more than anything else.

As you look toward going for your dreams, you need to be sure you are on the right career path. Believing in yourself and committing to taking actions are necessary. Without this mindset you will never see the highest level of results. In hundreds of conversations with people about “potential” and “results” it becomes clear who is moving ahead with smart understanding of their own capabilities, and those who are weighted down by self doubt.

You have to sell you to you.  Make sure you fully are on board that you can do this. When that happens you are much more likely to reach your potential.

Henry Ford famously said:

“Whether you think you can, or your think you can’t – you are right”.

I have seen this play out with myself and many others. Believing in yourself as to become part of your daily routine. Do not get caught up in listening to too much of the news, as the negativity about the world and politics will creep into your brain. The national (and local) news highlight tragedies and this focus on the hardships makes many people feel the world is full of bad. But the good that happens in most people’s daily lives, and in their hearts, is more common. Keep your attention on the opportunity, and your capabilities.

Why Not You?

Recently I heard a speaker (the very smart Elizabeth Marshall) say that in the publishing world they ask wannabe authors: “why you, why now, why this book”. These questions translate to anyone who is looking to achieve more. If you need to preposition your self-confidence and get the “believe in yourself” juices flowing, then ask yourself the following:

Why Me?

Do not let doubt hold you back. Why you? What skills do you have that others lack (or do not capitalize on)? How are you uniquely qualified to succeed? Find the answers. Remind the you inside you that you are capable and are going to kick butt.

Why Now?

Not everything we want to accomplish is timed right. Sometimes we are too early or too late to have an impact.  But if you are ready to excel, why is now the right time. When the starts are aligned, you have to believe in yourself and jump in and grab a hold.

Why This Way?

If all your answers make sense and you want to take actions, then be self assured and go take action. Your self confidence alone will not make things happen, but the lack of believing will stop you from moving. Why is the way you are going to tackle your goals the best platform for success.

Confidence Leads To Actions

Do you believe in yourself? Do your employees and co-workers share this confidence in their own abilities and in the company? If everyone on your team is aligned on this, then success should be coming your way. Confidence leads to action. Putting yourself upfront as the star of your everyday life and knowing in your soul that you have the potential is the start. Then being willing to take the necessary steps will push you forward. Do not wallowi in self pity and mental strife.

Of course believing in yourself alone does not mean you will get to the desired results. And it will not be easy. Belief is only part of the equation.

When I work with teams and speak at conferences there is often someone who comes up after my presentation and shares their personal experiences. This “Believe in Yourself” portion of the Paradox of Potential program hits home. It is part of why managers tell me I “hit the reset button” in some of their employees. It seems too simple, but letting go of doubt and realizing you can accomplish your goals is a life changer.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books.  He can be booked to speak via his website or through your favorite speakers bureau.