Best Podcasts to listen to while quarantined

Due to Coronavirus many of us are finding our work and play activities cancelled. The public health experts are encouraging us to be quarantined at home to limit the spread of the virus.  Thus it is time to add to your podcast habit.

I was recently at the last public gathering on my calendar for a long time. The New Media Summit included a gathering of successful podcasters.  As we sat around on the last day talking about our shows, I realized this was an amazing cross section of amazing podcasts.

If you are stuck at home and want to learn about business, get in touch with your spirituality, or be inspired about any number of areas of life… you have to check out this list.

Best Podcasts To Listen To While Quarantined

  1. Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do – Thom Singer

  2. The Millennial Leadership Show – Randall Sean Garcia

  3. Spiritual Entrepreneur – Devi Adea

  4. Breakthrough Success – Marc Guberti

  5. Real Estate Investing for Women – Moneeka Sawyer

  6. Save your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships – Dr Rhobera Shaler

  7. Awaken Your Alpha – Adam Lewis Walker

  8. Evolving Digital Self – Heidi Forbes Oste

  9. Amazing Women of Power – Raven Blare-Glover

  10. Marketing Geeks – Justin Womack

  11. Cool Culture Corner – Ken Bator

  12. Living Regret Free – Gayle Carson

  13. Wickedly Smart Women – Emerald GreenRainforest

  14. Inspired Conversations – Amy Shuber

  15. Passive Real Estate Investing -Marco Santarelli

  16. Reinvention Radio – Steve Olsher

  17. Own Your Happiness – Richard Otey

  18. The Mary Goulet Show – Mary Goulet

  19. Dare to Dream – Debbi Dachinger

  20. The Driven Entrepreneur – Matt Brauning

  21. Amplify Your Success – Melanie Benson

  22. The Offbeat Life – Debbie Arcangeles

You can find these shows on a variety of podcast platforms and the host’s websites.  Check them out on your favorite place to get podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube, I Heart Radio, etc…

If you listen to a show, always leave a review on Apple Podcasts (or other platform) as it helps the show be found by others.

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur and dealing with issues around the Coronavirus, I want to interview you on “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”.  There is a lot of things happening, and it is unlike anything I have experienced in my life. Business events, social events, sporting events, theme parks, college classes, and other places are all being closed. The fallout from this is going to directly impact the economy.  While the US Government is trying to find ways to help workers, entrepreneurs age going to be badly impacted and we need to share ideas and support each other.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker, professional master of ceremonies, and virtual conference host. He is also the host of two podcasts: Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and The Digital Enterprise Society Podcast.