Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial ResearchCelebrating 12th Year of Fundraising for Cranio-Facial Research

For the past 12 years we have celebrated Kate’s birthday with a fundraiser for the “Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Research” at the Dell Children’s Medical Center (Austin).

This year we are thrilled to also add a donation option for the endowment at the Rady Children’s Hospital (San Diego), where Kate had her surgery 17 years ago.

Kate was born with a condition called Sagital Synostosis.  This caused the bones in her head to be fused together before she was born, creating a problem with the shape of her head.  Once diagnosed, we were faced with options that included invasive surgery that would remove much of the top of her skull to allow room for her brain to grow, and to correct the cranio-facial abnormality.

At the time Austin did not have a state of the art Children’s Hospital, but we were fortunately introduced to the amazing team of Pediatric Neurosurgeons and Pediatric Plastic Surgeons in San Diego. At age six-months Kate underwent a procedure that gave here a fresh start.

Today Kate is fabulous.  To celebrate we began donating to two endowments for research on issues around Cranio-Facial issues in children.  Today the total donations and funds raised is over $70,000.  And we are not stopping.

To celebrate Kate’s 17th birthday we are asking you to join us in supporting this important cause.


You can donate to either hospital foundation (or both) by clicking the links below.

Rady Children’s Hospital

Dell Children’s Medical Center (Use the drop-down menu to select “Kate Singer Endowment”).

Watch Kate and Thom’s TEDx Talks

*Did you know that Kate delievered a TEDxYOUTH Talk at age 15?  CLICK HERE to watch her presentation.

*In 2018 Thom told the story of the “Kate Singer Endowment” in a talk for TEDx Wyandotte.  CLICK HERE to watch the presentation

Thank you for supporting this great cause and helping fund amazing doctors.

Thom, Sara, Jackie, and Kate Singer