Employee Retention via Human Connections by Thom Singer Employee retention is one of the hottest topics in business as we move into 2023.  There are many conversations about the “Great Resignation” (which has continued for two years) and “Quiet Quitting” and how this is impacting companies. People keep leaving, and finding talent is more difficult than ever. According to INSIDER, 4.2 million people quit in August. Over the past two years 1/3 of workers in America Changed jobs.

Many people feel little or no sense of community inside their companies, and while this had begun long before the pandemic, it is more common now. When people do not feel connection, they are less likely to be committed to the long term.  Many suggest most employees would leave their current jobs if a new opportunity. This problem of employee retention has had a big impact on business.

I have been speaking for years about the power of human connections for both career development and business development. But now my content has moved to internal networking and why having real relationships inside a company are important to the individual and the organization.  People who have real friendships at work are more likely to stay longer, work harder, and have more satisfaction in their career.

Does your company work to help people connect with each other?  In a world that has moved to many remote working opportunities, you have to work to bring people together. When a company works to have a culture that is based on trust, accountability, and relationship they have better employee retention.

My workshop helps get people excited about connections and starts conversations inside the company.  If employee retention matters to your company, let’s have a conversation about the relationship side of business and how you can increase trust and accountability within your company culture.

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Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and trainer who is committed to helping people embrace the power of human connections. Having real relationships in the workplace can make the difference between a job and a career.  A job is easy to quit, while a career is part of a long term life plan that leads to more opportunities and workplace fulfilment.