Executive Search for Associations and non-profits

I am excited to announce that I have joined the team at Stanton Chase International. They are an executive search firm founded in 1990.  Part of my work will be executive search for associations and non-profits.

I have known the Stanton Chase team for many years (I was a speaker at their partner meeting a few years ago) and we have talked about this opportunity a few times. Now the timing is right!

My experiences throughout my career in connecting people with ideal opportunities has always made “executive search” a career that was appealing to me. Having worked with trade associations for over a decade (I am a member of ASAE), I think that it will be ideal for work on executive search for associations.

I look forward to working with companies and associations in their key employee search.  While I have a lot to learn, I am part of a team that is among the most experienced executive search firms in the world.

My goal is to learn fast – I welcome conversations with any friends and colleagues who have ever been placed via a search… I would appreciate hearing about your experiences.

I will continue to be a keynote speaker and master of ceremonies for in-person and virtual events. My 11 years of having the privilege of presenting and sharing ideas is in my blood. I look forward to seeing how the world of meetings changes and morphs as we get through the shutdown of 2020.

Executive search for associations – Call me at 512 – 970- 0398