This week on the “Webinar Talk Show” we interviewed Cindy Lo of Red Velvet Events.  This chat is candid, and has some hard parts in the short term and long term outlook for the future of the meetings business.

Cindy started her meetings company seventeen years ago and has grown into one of the country’s leading boutique events companies. In the first months of 2020 it looked like she would be having a record year for her Austin, Texas based company.

Then came COVID-19 and the shutdown of live events.  From the early days Cindy Lo knew she would have to pivot and be scrappy if she was going to keep her employees on payroll and remain relevant for in-person and virtual meetings. What is the future of the meetings business? For Cindy it has involved figuring out the strengths of each team member and offering those skills to others.  It also involves selling T-shirts, gift baskets, etc…  It is about being a real entrepreneur in tough times.

In this interview she shares the story of growing the company, the impact of the global pandemic, and her outlook for the future of the meetings business.

This conversation is a MUST WATCH for everyone in the business of live meetings.  From meeting planning companies, to speakers, to hotels, to caterers, to transportation companies, etc… everyone in the live events space is hurting. Hear how Cindy and her team are working to keep the lights on.


What is THE WEBINAR TALK SHOW?  When the pandemic hit, Thom Singer and Eliz Greene realized that webinars could be so much more than a talking head over PowerPoint.  The duo had launched “The Conference Talk Show” in 2014 to serve hybrid meetings, and they had a great way of working together to interview experts to get to the real content.

Twice each week (Mondays and Wednesdays) they interview really smart people.  Additionally they work with associations and companies who are looking to do something better with their online meetings.  Think about if you conference or company webinar was more like LIVE with Kelly and Ryan? Would people enjoy it more than someone just talking at them? (the answer is YES).

Are you planning a hybrid or virtual event?  Don’t do it without talking to Thom and Eliz.

The Future of the Meetings Business - Cindy Lo on the Webinar Talk Show