When you are struggling with problems in your life or career, one way to help you feel better is to find a way to be a resource for others. When you can help others, you own problems melt away. And if they do not melt away, they most likely will feel like less of a burden.

Thom Singer gets busy with work and family and sometimes he loses site of his goals. He can get overwhelmed. This can lead to feeling of being lost, sad, depressed, etc… The best way he knows to combat these feelings is to help others.

In this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do he talks about his own issues, and how something as small as giving a dollar to someone in need can make his day feel better. While that dollar does not change the world (for him, or the other person), the small human to human interaction is enough to make him smile.

This episode is about Thom being honest about his own shortcomings and the feelings that can sometimes hold him back from being at his best. He talks about how when he can help others he gets back on track.

Thom also asks the listeners for ideas on how he can do this better. He wants to make helping others a stronger part of his life. Got an idea? email him at thom@thomsinger.com.

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