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When humor meets business, work becomes more interesting. We spend over half our waking hours in our jobs, and yet many people feel their workplace sucks. Who wants that? What if there were real things you could do to make work more engaging for everyone?

I am working with Rough Cut Comedy to create corporate training programs utilizing the lessons learned from successful stand up comics. As I approach my goal of performing at 100 comedy open mic nights, there are many lessons that I have learned along the way. Comedy is the hardest use of the spoken word.  Comedians who reach any level of success have a strong mix of confidence, work ethic, understanding of others, networking, flexibiliy, a playful nature, all mixed with communication and leadership skills.

As a corporate speaker and EmCee, I am seeing a shift in what audiences want at large industry events and corporate meetings. People want more of an experience and they desire their education to be interactive and engaging. This is the reason I am working with Rough Cut Comedy. The partnership with many young and hard working comedians is helping me expand my viewpoint as a speaker and trainer.  Diversity is key in 2020, but there is more to embracing differences than just race and sexual orientation. Diversity of experiences, world view, and generations are paramount to success.

The combination of my thirty years of business experience combined with the creativity and drive of young local comics is producing interesting content and programs that will be unique in the meetings and training environment. As the VP of Corporate Training for Rough Cut Comedy, we are embarking on a journey of allowing humor to meet business.

Rough Cut Comedy – Corporate Training / Corporate Events

Rough Cut Comedy Corporate Events can help you secure “Corporate Clean” comedians for your business or association events. With the huge resurgence of interest in stand up comedy (Netflix Specials, “Bring The Funny” on NBC, etc…) many meeting planners are interested in finding ways to bring comedy to their meetings. But hiring any comic can be a risky move for a company who has a diverse audience. An industry event audience is not the same as a comedy club crowd.  Rough Cut can vet the right comics for your corporate event to ensure they have funny, without offending your people.

Additionally Rough Cut Comedy is developing corporate training classes that bring the skills of comedians into your company. This is not about making your people do “Stand-up Comedy” (although if you think your team could benefit from performing comedy, we can do that for you too).  These one to three hour programs are designed to lift up the curtain and expose your people to the hard work, planning, and execution that successful comedians use to grow in their craft. All these lessons translate directly to business, and the stories are engaging and fun.

Our first two courses are currently being developed and are ready for delivery at company and association events:

Confidence Equals Success; Lessons in Courage From Successful Stand-Up Comics


Leading With Humor: Work Can Be Funny

More information on both classes coming soon

About Rough Cut Comedy

Rough Cut Comedy is Texas’ premier comedy company providing the best in entertainment! Rough Cut brings national and local touring comedians to local venues near you! We are the comics. We know the comics. We bring you the comics.

About Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  Thom has been speaking for corporate events and association conferences for over then years, having presented to over 900 audiences.  In 2018 at age 51 he first tired his hand at performing stand-up comedy. While still new to this craft, he is closing in on 100 open mics (and been a featured comic in several shows).  The lessons he has learned in comedy translate directly to his corporate clients.