Keynote Message - Thom Singer

It has been a wonderful experience to explain to people about the “Paradox of Potential” content that I have been working on for two years. The program can be a speech or a workshop, but the keynote message is the same: You have to manage your potential is you want results.

As a motivational speaker for over ten years I have presented to over 800 audiences. My own career has been a study in “potential management” as being good at public speaking was not enough to create a sustainable business as a keynote speaker. Having potential in any area is not enough to ensure performance.

The achieve I had to set an underlying tone in my life that got me to take actions. It was the actions I took, not the desire, ability, or the power of my message. This is paramount to anyone who wants to manage their potential.

Success Needs A Plan

My personal story is only part of what lead me to the study of how people move from potential to results. There were similar messages in the over 400 interviews I conducted with business leaders on my entrepreneur podcast, “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”. Time after time I heard that hopes and dreams are not enough. To achieve you have to have a drive and passion, and then take the necessary steps to get things done. Success needs a plan

The keynote message that I have created around how to manage your potential is more than a motivational speech. This interactive presentation summarizes the core message about how to navigate growth for the individual and the team. I set the tone and summarize a path that moves people to take action toward greater performance. It is about knowing what you want and then making choices that get you there.

My keynote address, “The Paradox of Potential” has a powerful message and is all focused on the audience engagement. If you have a keynote speech without human connection and a call to action, you have nothing. This is how hiring the right speaker is paramount to the success of an event.

Create A Hunger In Your People To Desire More

When your people are hungry to achieve more, for themselves and the company, everyone wins. The keynote message is optimistic. I realize that there are issues in the world outside of our control, but I still firmly believe there is opportunity for all in our economy. Some will face easier paths and others will hit unfair bumps in the road. However, there are countless examples of success in the worst economies that cannot be ignored.

There are three main themes: Plan, Passion, and People. When we embrace this message and get our goals aligned while doing what we love, the sky’s the limit. Add in the power of a network of connections who are excited to help us succeed, and anyone can change the world.

“Fine” Is Not Good Enough

Recently a professional association contacted me to be the keynote speaker at their annual event. They were excited about the keynote message and praised what they had heard about my fun speaking style. When we got to talking budget, they were surprised I charged to present. I told them this was my business. They argued that they always find free speakers, and they are “fine”. We politely decided to not work together, but the conversation got under my skin.

In the first part of the discussion they said they were 100% about the experience of their members and a strong keyonte message that would resonate people to take action. In the end they admitted that anyone who would speak for free was good enough. I wondered about the potential of their event. (I am not debating the irony of a business organization with members who are selling services looking for other vendors to give away their product).

If the desire is a great speech, then “anyone who will speak for free” is not the answer. This is not only happening in my business, but everywhere. People are not really focusing on the right goals, and thus they get lost in that gap between potential and results. I am sure that this association’s conference will be “fine”, but the keynote message they were seeking from me was exactly the opposite of “fine”. They wanted results, but got derailed.

Manage Potential

If the message of managing your potential would resonate for your keynote, let’s jump on the phone and find a way to get your team focused on doing more.

Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee. He is also the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast. He can be booked directly on his website or via you favorite speakers bureau.