Thom Singer is the biz dev coach for business lawyers who want to learn to source business and grow their practice As a lawyer business development coach, I have had the most fun in 2023 helping clients.  Between speaking for several firms and doing one-to-one coaching, this has been the best year ever for seeing attorneys make efforts to grow their business.  It is like after the pandemic the old stigmas on lawyers and sales have vanished. Suddenly senior associates and young partners in big law firms are looking to take their future by the horns.

While I do not do lawyer coaching as my main business, at any given time I can work with two attorneys who are serious about growing their skills when it comes to developing business.  Your ability to bring in clients is the secret weapon to a long term legal career.

Too many associates sit around waiting for the work, and then one day they realize it is time to start sourcing their own clients… but it takes years to establish a brand and reputation…so they are suddenly in a panic. The smart lawyers start early to network and create referral partner relationships.

If you found this blog post, I assume you are looking for some help to jump start your biz dev efforts.  If this sounds like you and you are looking for a coach, call me at (512) 970-0398 and discover if I am the right coach.  If not, that is fine…but if we have synergies that will work well together, do not waste another day on figuring out how to make business development a cornerstone of your practice.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Check out some videos on the subject here.