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I do a lot of corporate training that covers the leader and leadership. Developing leadership is a common goal of most companies. An organization is a group of people who are brought together for a common goal. Without leadership skills and self improvement, people can easily get lost. It is said that people do not leave companies, they leave bad leaders.

Good leaders care about the advancement of their team members. Effective leaders invest in helping each person on the team to become a leader in their own right. Leadership does not happen by accident.

Leadership and Becoming A Leader

Most people want to lead in some capacity. They want to help their team excel. People want to be part of something that is achieving greatness. Everyone you hire has potential, but potential does not equal performance.

Self leadership is very important if people want to reach their potential, but it can get confusing when things get busy and everyone in the company seems to be out for themselves. When the leaders are self-focused it gets worse. All companies should be offering leader and leadership programs to all their people on a regular basis.

Obtain the Possible

My workshop helps people focus on what they can realistically achieve as a person and as part of a team. If the goals that are set are not obtainable, then they are not possible. Goal setting for the sake of goal setting will set your team up to fail. To lead you must have a plan. Your career success is not something to leave to chance.

Knowing what you are working toward is part of the equation. But having a passion for the work you do will lead you to reaching more of your potential. Leaders who enjoy their work are more fun to work for and with on a daily basis. Yet too many people are in jobs where they feel stuck. Getting people fired up is an important role of a leader.

None of us can reach our highest capacity alone. People are key to getting across the gap between potential and performance. This is where leadership is key. Getting people on your team to work together and help each other is paramount to success. All opportunities come from people, and when we are in a good relationship with those at work, everyone finds more success.

The Paradox of Potential

Corporate leader and leadership training programs should be more than a human resource box that gets checked. The training should inspire people to take actions that move everyone closer to their goals and the goals of the company.

Most people I have surveyed feel they have more potential. They admit they are not performing at peak levels, and they are frustrated. There are many reasons why people are not achieving all they can. Some of these are real, others are excuses, but either way they are holding people back.

Potential is a paradox. It seems like something of value, but potential does not equal results. To really get things done is what creates a successful company. Hiding behind busy is a commonplace activity, but nobody wins.

Leader and Leadership Training

While the workshop I bring into companies is not a traditional leadership class, it empowers people and teams to navigate the gap between potential and performance. It has been fun to see this interactive content become popular within companies. One CEO told me that I “hit a reset button” in his most difficult employee. As a member of EO and Vistage, this CEO had always been exposed to thought provoking and action inspiring content. However, he realized his employees were hungry for inspiration, motivation, and fresh ways of looking at their future.

The smartest companies look for engaging presentations for leaders that will help them learn to be their best. Leadership should be taught to everyone, not just those at the top.

Customize Your Training

When your team is planning a meeting with corporate leader and leadership training, but sure to utilize a presenter who will customize the message to meet your goals. I always work with the planner to ensure that the most important pieces of my research for each company is included in the program. Additionally, workshop is interactive and geared to morph as your employees engage in the conversation.

There is not one path across the gap between potential and performance. We cannot build a single bridge and hope to put all of your employees on a bus and drive them across. This is where most training classes fail.

I will show your team how to build a scaffolding across the gap, and let each person navigate their own path. But nobody has to do this alone. That is the beauty of the group conversations, is your people come to realize it is okay to be who they are now. They can and should support others who are faster and slower at their own growth.

Hire Thom Singer For Your Meeting

To bring me into your company meeting, let’s begin with a phone conversation to ensure that your desired results for your leaders is in line with the leadership message I will be sharing. Too often people hire “anyone” to come in, or shop based on website credentials. When selecting the best speakers, you need to have an extensive interview to make sure that it is the right match for both parties. I never work with companies if I do not believe I will bring real value.

Are you with a small company and worried about affording world class leadership training? Ask Thom about the “Shared Training Model” and turn your employee leader and leadership training into powerful networking with those from companies who can refer you new business.

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