Seeking a Manufacturing Keynote Speaker?

Employee Retention is a hot topic for manufacturing companies. Everyone I talk to is concerned about finding and keeping talent, and this world of “Quiet Quitting” has become a hot topic that is having a real impact on the human resources function in all industries.

As a speaker, my topic of human engagement has taken a big turn in the last year.  The idea of building business relationships is now top of mind for leaders… not for the external relationships you might be thinking about.  Yes, networking has always mattered in building the reputation of a company and individual…. but this is no longer a story for external facing relationships.  Business relationships matter inside a company more than ever.

When people have a sense of community at their job, they tend to stay longer, work harder, and are more satisfied at work.  When we can help people find a “home” then we do not have to worry as much about them “Quiet Quitting” or regular quitting. Humans want to be part of a community.  We want to collaborate.  And we want to have meaningful conversations and to be heard. Thom Singer - Manufacturing Keynote Speaker

I work with manufacturing companies (and other organizations) to get a REAL community established inside their company.  A community and culture that is based on TRUST and ACCOUNTABILITY.

If you are having a meeting and are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop leader, let’s have a conversation about your event and how to get your audience engaged and how to create a call to action that puts the human side of business at the forefront of their minds.

The business world has changed a lot the last few years.  Hybrid and work from home are good for some people, but it leaves others feeling like they are no longer part of the community.  This drive for community is the key to success for your company to attract and retain the best employees.

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