MedTech companies, like so many other organizations, are doing great things to save the world. However, many of the employees at MedTech companies feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and caught up in the ever changing sea of regulations and expectations.  As a “MedTech Speaker” at an employee meeting for a provider, I learned a lot about the people who are working grow a complicated business while navigating the medical profession and insurance regulations.

My research around the Paradox of Potential and the Performance Gap connects well with people in technology and MedTech.  While some people are always ahead of expectations, many in these fields struggle to see if they can really get the results they expect from themselves (or expected of them by management). We get excited about potential, but potential does not equal performance.  When this happens in MedTech, there becomes an issue with companies meeting their projections.

Thom Singer will customize his talk, “Crossing the Performance Gap” for your MedTech event and serve as the MedTech speaker for a keynote at an association or company event.  This presentation lends itself to people in a variety of industries, but is especially compelling for peak performers in technical industries. While himself not part of the MedTech world, he understands the complex nature of the relationship sale that happen in health care.

He is not the right speaker for every audience. Entitled people who are hiding that they are in over their heads in their jobs will not like his message. Looking at a performance gap is not fun for people who point fingers and blame others. This presentation is designed to challenge those who are hungry to succeed, but willing to take ownership of their own career.

MedTech companies exist in a competitive world that is unique and high pressure. As a MedTech event speaker, Thom Singer will take into account the needs of the audience and engage the planning committee in “Curated Customization” to ensure the needs of the individual group is considered.


Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee.  He is the host of two podcasts, including the popular entrepreneur podcast, “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”.  He is a proven health care speaker – having presented to hospital systems, medical schools, insurance companies, medical device companies, etc…