Adding this new blog to my page. Today is February 2, 2019.

I began blogging on an offsite location in 2005 and had over 3000 posts.  But the Blogger platform no longer gets the attention from Google that it did six or seven years ago, and the “experts” all say my blogging efforts should be on my own website.

Alas, if you desire to read whatever I have posted over the years you can visit the Some Assembly Required Blog  and dig through the archives.

My writing has taken a backseat to my podcast.  The Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast has been my creative outlet since 2014, and my attention to creating new written content has gone down.  Yet I miss writing and sharing thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and everything else one can do with a blog.  Thus I am going to contribute weekly in this forum.

Who is Thom Singer?

I have made may living for the past ten years as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, and master of ceremonies.  But that is just part of who I am as a person.  We tend to identify by our careers.  Yet I am not “a speaker”.

Okay, I am a speaker, and I love the opportunity to impact conferences and team meetings. I have found a way to deliver value to others, and at the same time explore the use of the spoken word in ways few other people understand. When I am the right person to present to the right audience, I work hard to make the meeting memorable and a positive experience for everyone involved.

At my heart I am a seeker. This is a word that to me means I believe the world has amazing things in store for us, but we must work to get out of our routines and discover the new paths.  I am seeking ways to contribute and make a difference.  I spent too much of my life chasing the dreams others wanted for me and doing the things I thought were “right”.  What I learned is that this is very common, but not the way to flourish in life. I am trying my best and want to be a good person.

Flourish in Life

The word “Flourish” has found its way into my speeches over the last year, and it resonates do deeply with people.  A few years back there was an obsession around “Happiness”, but that is not the right thing to chase.  Many superficial things can make us happy (at least temporarily), but to flourish we must be hitting on all cylinders.

To flourish in life and in our careers we must be tuned in to our inner self. To flourish we cannot be living the life others expect.  We have to be true to our own soul. I am finding this is very difficult.

My hope is the words I share here on this new age of my blog will be discovered by some people and read with interest.  My plan is to inspire and contribute to others who are seekers. My new blog is going to be a place where I can share ideas about the journey.

Thanks for being part of this by reading the posts.  Please reach out to me and let me know if anything I write resonates.