Thom Singer is a new Vistage Speaker.  Although new to working with this organization he is not new to speaking and training.  Thom has presented to over 950 audiences of all sizes inside companies and at large association conferences.

As a new Vistage Speaker, Thom is focusing on his content on the gap between potential and performance. This message is ideal for business owners and their teams.

New Vistage Speaker

The Paradox of Potential – Attain the Possible


• Understand the difference between high potential and achieving results
• Learn the five most common reasons your staff might not be meeting expectations
• Discover the path to bridge the gap from potential to performance.

New Vistage Speaker

Thom Singer makes each Vistage presentation an exploration of the journey from potential to performance for teams and individuals. Having “high potential” does not mean performing at maximum capability. As a new Vistage Speaker, Thom is dedicated to making an impact.

While many believe they are doing all they can, a huge number of professionals are frustrated because they and their teams are coming up short of expectations.

Some have become paralyzed from taking risks by the fear of failure, while others are not sure what is holding them back. Thom Singer has surveyed hundreds of people and the feedback is stunning that the majority of people are confident they should be having greater success in their career. Companies in all sectors have employees who have reached a plateau or have become stuck in the “high middle”. There is a very real gap between potential and results, and Thom wants to show everyone paths to doing more at any stage of their career.

There is more to getting to performance for the individual or the team than building a bridge across the gap between potential and results. Every person has different experiences and is dealing with unique issue. This program is not a one-size fits all talk. Vistage members will find ideas for themselves and  the people on their teams.

Thom will work with you to customize his program to each specific group. His workshop is interactive, and the direction of the discussion depends on what
observations the participants bring to the conversation. He delivers a strong mix of actionable content with a positive energy style that allows everyone to be part of the experience. Do not worry about his being a new Vistage Speaker, he will “wow” your group.

The meeting objectives are reached via a mix of presentation and peer discussions. Thom knows how to engage your audience and make people think about the topic. As a facilitator he brings both useful information and fun while keeping the pace of the meeting moving.

Biography – New Vistage Speaker

Thom Singer is an accomplished keynote speaker, having presented to over 950 audiences. His clients include organizations in healthcare, banking, manufacturing, higher education, retail, etc. His experience includes TEDx and eight times at SXSW. Thom the author of 12 books, and the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast. He has analyzed the gap between potential and performance and presents on his research in an interactive and fun style that will engage audience. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThomSinger.