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Since I wrote this post, “Hire A Podcast Host For Your Company’s Podcast“, I have received about 100 inquires from speakers, podcasters, and radio personalities who want to be hired as the talent for a company or association podcast.  But I have not yet discovered the organizations that are seeking to hire hosts. I know they are out there, as I have talked to a few, and been hired to be the outside lead host for one associations’s soon to be released show. Yet I know that there is about to be a big market for third party podcast hosts. The need for a Podcast Host for Hire service real.

My idea of starting a “Speakers Bureau For Podcast Hosts”  might be ahead of its time. I suspect that by 2020 we will see this concept spring to life (for me and others). Much like it seemed every individual person was starting a podcast in the last three years, the time has come that all the companies and organizations are jumping in the podcast game.

Why Podcasting Is Good For Companies and Associations

Podcasting is a smart idea for business oriented organizations as it is a great platform to reach their customers. A well done show will build loyal listeners and is ideal for connecting their brand to people. A podcast is fresh content and that is what is needed for keeping people coming back to your website and social media.

However, having a show that is hosted by someone without the proper media training and personality is a waste of time and money. Plus, finding the right employee to be the main face of a show is risky. If the person cannot connect well with people over the podcast, then it is a flop. Yet if they do a great job and then quit, they have the relationship, not the company.

With a podcast the organization can have current topics discussed. VIP clients or key employees can also be featured as guests on the show. A podcast brings the power of the spoken word directly to their followers. It can be serious, funny, educational, or all of the above.  T

Hire A Third Party Host

It is a really smart idea to hire a third party host for a podcast. Old school broadcast networks did not just pick anyone to host the evening news. They got a professional. Not every comic can host the Tonight Show, but Jimmy Fallon had the right level of experience to become the host.

While there is a cost involved with hiring outside talent, it is a minor investment compared to other marketing that companies and associations invest in daily. But this medium is special and now is the time for organizations to launch their podcasts.  A experienced host who knows how to engage and audience and interview guests is key to the success of a show.

Call Thom Singer

If you are seeking a “Podcast Host for Hire”, call Thom Singer.  If he is not the right fit for your company or association (or if he has not more room in his calendar for another show), he will work to help you vet the right talent to host your podcast.  www.ThomSinger.com  /  (512) 970-0398.


Thom Singer is a business motivational speaker and an professional event host. He is the author of 12 books and the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreurs Do” podcast (approaching 500 episodes and over 1 million downloads).