Planning a sales meeting is not as easy as people think. There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be figured out, as nobody wants a boring meeting. When you are organizing the training session, you might want some fresh sales meeting ideas.

Sales Meeting Ideas - Sales Speaker - Thom Singer

One of the best things you can do to energize your meeting is to bring in an outside sales speaker. Some managers do not want to do this as the think nobody is as good as motivating their team as they are, but this is short sighted. Being the best sales manager does not mean you have all the answers. It is the outside and fresh perspective that gets the conversation started.

The sales team is not really a cohesive unit. Each person is in sales for a different reason, and team meetings are really just gatherings of unique team members. What is the ideal sales meeting idea for one person, might fall flat on the next. Productive meetings need to take into consideration everyone in the group.

While weekly sales meetings cannot have a hired speaker each time, once a quarter or at the annual sales kick-off meeting there is definitely good reasons to bring in a speaker to lead the sales training.

The topic will depend on the needs of the team. There are no sales meeting ideas that are one-size fits all. But making it a practice to bring in an expert shows your sales team that you are committed to helping them learn more and get motivated.

Suggested sales meeting ideas / topics:

  • Cold Calling
  • Managing Potential
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales Calls
  • Team Building
  • Role Playing
  • Social Media
  • Sales Process
  • Networking Skills

Modern Day Sales Skills

Selling in today’s world is different than it was just ten years ago. There is a combination of technology and human-engagement that is confusing for the best sales people. Your team looks to your sales meeting ideas with hope. They want to be educated and motivated.

Consistency with daily activities is paramount to success. Your people will encounter a variety of different personalities and situations in their interactions with prospects and clients. They need to be ready to engage. Canned sales pitches from sales reps is very 1980s. Customers will sense these old closing techniques and be turned off. More than ever, people do business with those they know, like and trust.

But getting to a place of like and trust is harder today than at any point in history. The process of getting to know others has been filled with digital shortcuts. This is great, but it also leaves out the relationship building part that comes from discovery. Your team members must be aware of the personal side of sales if they are to succeed.

Paradox of Potential

Having great potential is not the same as closing sales. As you are looking at sales meeting ideas and sales speakers, there needs to be the focus on starting ongoing dialogues within your company. Your sales team meeting is the place to explore thoughts, concepts, and ideas.

No sales training can build a magic bridge across the gap from potential to performance. There is not one path for all your people to drive across in one bus. They must explore their unique potential and create their own paths toward results (all while supporting each other along the way).

As a salesperson, gaining insight into their own potential is an important place to begin. Growing to the next level of success is something that should be the result of having and engaging sales presentation that inspires change.

Working With Thom Singer – Sales Meeting Ideas

When you are working with a great sales speaker, he or she will want to customize the program from your specific team. If you hire me to speak, together we will explore the sales meeting ideas that will combine my content with the desired outcomes you have for your sales meeting.

For over ten years I have been speaking at large conferences and team meetings as small as six people. Each meeting is different and customizing the interaction and facilitating discussion is what makes it fun.

Call me today and let’s explore the sales meeting ideas that will get your people to sit up, listen, and take action.

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