Sales skills for lawyers is something that should be taught in law school.  Too often lawyers in big firms are years into their practice before they realize they need to have a strong book of business, or they could be pushed out of their firm.

The lawyers who understand that business development skill are as important as their skills as a lawyer are the ones who have full control over their careers.

Thom Singer spent several years as the director of business development for two AM LAW 100 firms. He enjoyed helping attorneys learn about sales and business development…. and how to grow their book of business.

He has spoken at over 75 partner retreats for a variety of law firms, and knows how to inspire the lawyers who think business development and sales is not their “thing”. If your firm is seeking a presentation for a lawyer retreat, or if you need coaching to grow your practice, talk to Thom Singer.  He will present sales skills for lawyers in a way people understand and can get on board with in their ongoing practice.

Not all biz dev coaching is the same, so you need to chat with several coaches. The smartest firms do not assign the same coach to every lawyer. They let them pick between a few choices to make sure they like the person and their style of coaching.

Do not wait for your reputation and brand to happen. Take ownership of your own career and work with a coach who will show you the way to win more business. Embrace the idea that sales skills for lawyers will make the difference between a great career and a mediocre career (where you rely on others in your firm to ensure you have work).

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