The Trusted Networker: Creating Uncommon Connections

I am having so much fun working with clients who are planning their first in-person event (after a year of only virtual meetings).  While the networking breakout rooms via Zoom and other platforms have been nice, they are not the same as the human connections that come from shared experiences. “The Trusted Networker: Creating Uncommon Connections” is my new keynote that came out of the last year of looking at how human connections are changing in the new business climate.

Why is trust so important?  For 15 years I have been speaking at live events about how people will do business with those they know, like, and trust.  But much of my attention was spent on helping people grow their visibility and establishing a personal brand. This is still important, but in the last year I have come to understand the unparalleled power that comes from trust.

This year I became a certified partner with the Trust Edge Leadership Institute and their Trust Edge Coaching program.  This organization has conducted nearly 20 years of research on “Trust” and have shown that those who have more trust find more success.  Nearly every issue you face in your business (and life) can be boiled down to a trust issue.  And this true for those who work in relationship oriented businesses where their network and personal brand are key to success.

When you become a “trusted networker” you are not looking to pass out business cards and recite elevator pitches.  Leading with trust, and measuring how you cultivate it, leads to more opportunities.

This presentation is important for anyone who wants to create those “Uncommon Connections” that lead to more opportunities.  We live in a social media focused world and many mistake a like, link, share, or follow for a real business relationship. While social media celebrities are viewed as powerful online influencers, the rest of us get very little engagement from our posts and tweets.  It is from personal referrals and reputations that most people find their opportunities. Trusted networkers will always have the type of relationships that lead to success.

If you team could use a booster shot in their networking, “The Trusted Networker: Creating Uncommon Connections” is the presentation for your next meeting.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and master of ceremonies / EmCee who helps people engage more at in-person and virtual conferences.