In the world of corporate events, hiring a professional speaker and keynote speaker can transform an average occasion into an unforgettable experience. I have presented to over 1200 audiences as a keynote speaker and have seen how the right speakers can transform and event.  But, with so many options available, how can you ensure you’re making the right choice? In this blog post I will break down everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Understanding the Role of a Professional Speaker

Professional speakers are experts in their respective fields who share their knowledge and experience with audiences in an engaging and memorable way. From motivational speeches to educational seminars, professional speakers can cover a wide range of topics to inspire, inform, and entertain your attendees. I have an expertise in human connection, community, collaboration and conversations. When I speak at an event, it changes how people view the networking at the event.

The Importance of a Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker sets the tone for an event. They have the power to energize an audience, introduce the theme of the event, and even influence the overall perception and success of the occasion. Therefore, selecting the right keynote speaker is a crucial task that requires careful consideration. My goal when speaking for your conference is to bring high energy, fun, and actionable information that the people can put into play immediately.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Speaker and Keynote Speaker

Experience: Look for a speaker who is an expert in the topic of you want covered at your event and has a proven track record of delivering powerful speeches. Their experience and knowledge will add credibility to your event.  Be cautious about how many presentations a speaker has given.  Someone, even if they have knowledge on a topic still needs to have been on many stages before they are going to have the skills to “WOW” your audience.  Very few speakers will ever get to 300 presentations, but those with more talks than that are often the best you will find.  Ask them about their experience on the topic and their experience as a keynote speaker.  Both matter.

Commitment to the meetings industry and the business of speaking also matters.  You should look for speakers who are members of the National Speakers Association and who have the Certified Speaking Professional designation.

Speaking Style: Each speaker has their own unique style. Some are humorous, some are serious, some are inspirational. Watch their past performances to determine if their style aligns with your audience’s preferences. You want to find a speaker who will relate to your audience and who has the right “vibe” for the goals of your event.

Audience Engagement: A great speaker can captivate an audience. They should be able to connect with the audience, hold their attention, and inspire them to take action. Today’s world requires taking with the audience, not at the audience.  Be sure that the speaker understands this, and remember that humor is engagement.

Budget: Professional speaker fees can vary greatly. Make sure to consider your budget and negotiate the fee and expenses beforehand. Be upfront with the speaker about what you can afford to pay. Do not try to low ball or take advantage. Your budget is your budget, but be honest.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Speaker and Keynote Speaker

Hiring a professional speaker can bring a multitude of benefits to your event. Too often people think they will save money by having an industry expert, but if they cannot create the right experience for the audience, then nobody wins.  Every speaker should do the following three things:

Inspire and Motivate: A good speaker can inspire and motivate your audience, driving them to take action or change their perspective.  This is what speakers do at their basic core.  If the speaker is just dumping data, nobody will enjoy the keynote.

Add Value: A speaker with subject matter expertise can provide valuable insights and knowledge, adding depth to your event.  Every speaker should be make people think.

Boost Attendance: While well-known or respected speakers can attract more attendees to your event, the cost of celebrity speakers is rarely worth the inflated prices they charge.  The real goal is to boost return attendees.  Thus the better your speakers and overall audience engagement…the more chances you have people will come back next year.


Hiring a professional speaker and keynote speaker is more than just filling a time slot in your event schedule. It’s about choosing the right person to inspire your audience and deliver a message that resonates with them. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make the right decision and elevate your event to new heights.

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