A great video conference requires video conference facilitation  As we have moved to more online video since the onset of COVID-19 we are bombarded with countless webinars, talking head videos, etc… Few experts seem to have any experience speaking remotely, and the mistake most make is they simply dump information without the human engagement touch. Video conference facilitation is a new career that did not exist a month ago. Most attempts at video fall short of expectations, but people are currently saying “its okay”.

But patience with horrible video calls will soon run short. Those who can provide engaging and interesting content while getting people to “lean in” will triumph. Others will live in the growing pile of “blah”

I am working with several associations, companies, and law firms on the idea of killing the talking head / data dump and replacing it with an engaging “fire-side chat” style briefings.  While some people are really comfortable at speaking on camera, most people are still a bit nervous.  It is worse than a live presentations because of the “newness” factor and the knowledge that it is being recorded. People are freaked out that a misspeak of words will live forever online.

Working with a professional master of ceremonies / event host to interview your expert makes the presentation more engaging and compelling. Virtual conference facilitation require a host who can have upfront preparations with on site spontaneity. There are many moving parts to a virtual meeting.  Having someone to keep the meeting moving, and get the speakers to open up and share their best knowledge is what will be the hallmark of great virtual events.

Regardless of if your meeting is for 20 people or 20,000 people, you need to seek out the right person to lead the video conference facilitation.


About Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies.  He is experienced in hosting virtual conferences, having founded the “Conference Talk Show” program five years ago (he was ahead of his time!).  Thom is the host of two podcasts and has conducted over 500 interviews with executives.