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Workforce training programs are not all the same. If you are seeking a workforce training program that will get you people fired up, then let’s talk. My presentation is an interactive look at the gap that exists between potential and performance for many individuals and teams. I have surveyed over 500 people about their own thoughts on their potential and the results they have had in their careers, and the results are interesting for both employees and managers.

Most admit they are not reaching their highest levels at work. But education and training alone will never get them to take actions. If half your people are coming up short of their own expectations, and together we can find simple ways to increase performance, then everyone wins. Not everyone on your team struggles with the same issues that hold them back, thus this talk was built to not be a one size fits all answer.

There are all kinds of options for workforce training programs, but one thing is always certain, job training can change lives.

Motivate Your People To Take Action

A workforce training program has to be motivational. Often HR people down talk “motivational speakers”, but look up the opposite of “motivational” and you will discover why so many trainings fail. Demotivating is not your goal.

Do you have issues with the people you hire not having enough ambition? Are some on your team coming up shy of expectations? This is a common complaint from managers. It may simply be that you are not having the right conversations. Often line employees say that nobody in their life has ever asked them what they wanted to accomplish in a career. Most feel they have more potential. They realize they are not performing at their capacity, but do not feel they have anyone to confide in about their situation. Who wants to tell their boss they are not doing all they can?

The Gap Between Potential and Performance

This workforce training program gets people talking about the gap that often exists between potential and performance. Make workforce development a participation sport and get the conversation started for your employees. Get them excited to make a new start at taking actions. As I believe most people want to be a real contributor at work, but they get caught in a loop of mediocre.

Hit A Reset Button In Your Employees. After this program it is common for people to talk to co-workers and supervisors about what is holding them back from accomplishing more on their own potential pathway. If the stigma of seeing personal roadblocks was removed, the culture of your team becomes one of looking for ways to help others map a direction across their own gap.

Nobody will ever reach their full potential, as potential is not static. As we all move through life we get more potential as we learn and grow. The problem with most workforce development presentations is they claim to have the answers to solve the problem. There is an assumption that your whole team is a single person with one flaw. Not true. A team of 20 can easily have sixty or eighty things holding people back, and there is no fast fix.
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