The Truth - You Can Handle The Truth

Knowing the whole of a story and getting all the parts of the truth sets you free.  Too often we are kept in the dark.  Parents, teachers, lovers, friends, the government, co-workers, and others hold back on sharing the entirety of information. The sometimes do this for nefarious reasons, but often half truths and secrets are created to protect you. But are you protected by not knowing? Are hurt feelings really that toxic?

Not knowing leaves your soul empty.  Ignorance is not bliss.

Getting to full knowledge, and thus to understanding is not an easy journey. Especially when others have their own agenda and are setting up walls. It is communication, an open heart, and natural curiosity for the truth that is the key. You need to be calm and self-aware.  Anger and ego can make a person react negatively, and if you get lost in emotions you will end the discovery process.

Would you rather not know pieces of the whole? I would always want to have access to all the facts so that I can understand. Life is confusing enough when you have knowledge, but being in the dark is a hard place to reside. I would prefer to see all of a story and decide for myself than to have others hold back information. I am strong and can handle the bullshit that is part of life. To not really know what has happened creates a situation where my brain tries to fill in the blanks.  What is made up in the head is usually worse than the reality.

Accepting the good and bad is how to live the human experience. Being a person who can handle and process negative news is strength. I would not want to be the one others see as so fragile that they needed to shelter.  I am not made of egg shells.  “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” is a giant insult.

To get others to share openly the good and the bad means you have to always live in a way that is an example to how you will deal with the crappy things that happen. If you are one who gets angry and harms the messenger, nobody will tell you the truth.  And the truth will set you free, so live in a way that encourages others to share with you all that is relevant. It is my hope that real friends will always tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. Blemishes are just part of the canvas of life.

Without the full knowledge, how can you improve?

Living life to the fullest means living will transparency and honesty to self and others. Those who withhold parts of the story often are trying to manipulate you in some way. It many not be for negative reasons, but then there are those who use secrets for their own power. The most manipulative person I knew  would broker information and place gossip into conversations. Their power came from holding parts of information and giving partial truth. This creates darkness, gaps, doubt, and confusion.

YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.  And so can I. When we know things we can make the best decisions.

2021 is the year to explore ways to see the whole.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He is the author of 12 books and the host of two podcasts (including “Making Waves at C-Level“).