Board Retreat Facilitation in Austin, Texas

Board Retreat Facilitation is paramount to the success of your next meeting– a special service offered by Thom Singer.


If your non-profit or company board of directors is having a meeting you may want to consider professional outside facilitation. In similar ways to how a large industry conference is improved by having a professional master of ceremonies who sets the tone for the event, your board retreat will be more successful with professional moderation.

Many organizations fail to see the value in hiring a facilitator and then openly wonder why their important committee meetings are viewed as a waste of everyone’s time.  Annual planning meetings have a negative reputation, not because gathering a board together for a retreat is inherently bad, but because they are not run with a results driven purpose.

Business professionals are tired of meetings that do not value their time.  Committing anywhere from several hours to multiple days to meet with others board members should be a productive exercise, but too often participants leave feeling they achieved nothing or could have reached the same conclusions in much less time.

An outside facilitator is key to helping a meeting of strong-willed and opinionated people continue along on-time agreed upon time frame.  An experienced group leader will keep positive energy in the conversation and ensure that the discussion reaches the desired outcomes.

If you are hosting a board retreat in Central Texas and would like to make sure that all or part of your meeting has a motivational outcome, consider Thom Singer as your facilitator.

Thom will help your organization leaders identify the primary areas of potential that you face in the coming year.  However, potential does not equal results, which means your team needs to design a plan for how to ensure that each person on the board will contribute to their capabilities and will work together to create a culture for collaboration and accountability.

Getting the whole group to move forward and work toward the same goals is paramount to the future success of your organization.  Do not leave something that important up to chance.

*Board Retreat Facilitation by Thom Singer is only available in the Austin, TX area due to special pricing levels.