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Event EmCee - Thom Singer

Upfront preparation combined with on-site spontaneity. Contact Thom Singer about what he will bring to your event as the Event EmCee.


Selecting the Event EmCee is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your conference. The EmCee role is often overlooked and many times filled by anyone in the organization who has a good personality or is worthy of getting the VIP attention.  But the job of Master of Ceremonies is not a reward to give a loyal team member. The event EmCee it is an important role that is 100% about the needs of the audience.

Your Event Emcee Is Paramount to the Success of the Meeting

I believe the event EmCee / master of ceremonies should be chosen with a single purpose, the needs of the audience members. The EmCee sets the tone for the whole event. Meeting planners and conference committees have long discussions about who should be the keynote speakers. Yet they often skip over hiring a professional EmCee.

The purpose of the event impacts the type of EmCee that needs to be chosen. Each conference (and theme of the event) brings a unique list of speakers to the agenda.  The event EmCee choice needs to be given consideration based on the desired experience for the audience.

Conferences, trade shows, awards ceremonies, comedy club style shows, sales kick offs, customer meetings, etc… are all different. One might lend itself to a comedian magician, while a legal industry association event will need a more corporate style event host.

More Than Public Speaking

The event EmCee does all types of things during a conference. They are more ingrained into the whole program than any individual speaker. The best event EmCee’s work closely with the event manager to ensure that the little things run smoothly from start of finish. While many work from a detailed emcee script, I like to have a lot of freedom to play with with audience and work to get people more engaged.

When starting your event, the EmCee needs to have time to develop rapport with the audience, as they are the host of your conference. For me this involves customizing a “Pre-Note” (before the keynote) for about ten to fifteen minutes that reinforces the conference theme and laying out the road-map for a successful event.

Many conferences will have unique programs: Short TED style talks,  “Speed Networking“, or a fun “Game Show” weaved into their agenda. The Event EmCee is the person who makes these successful.

Master of Ceremonies / The Conference Catalyst

If the role of event EmCee has become a second tier priority in planning your conference, you may have second tier results. I am very focused when you select me to be your “The Conference Catalyst”, that my role is to engage your participants.

My unique event EmCee program that is designed to be more than a regular master of ceremonies, but to customize your needs with my expertise.

People attend live events for the networking opportunities, but often fail to make meaningful connections once they are present at the event. My EmCee efforts will get people to engage more and maximize their experience. I keep the pace moving and the energy levels high from start to finish.

Objectives of the EmCee:

  • Keep the meeting running on-time and at a good pace
  • Set the tone for more connections at a live event
  • Facilitate panels, town hall meetings, awards ceremonies, and other interactive sessions
  • Serve as the onstage advocate for all participants

Why Hire A Master of Ceremonies?

Not everyone can be an event EmCee / master of ceremonies. There are a complicated series of skills involved if you want your conference to be memorable. Television award shows and live comedy shows all have a host for a reason.

The Oscars broadcasts we remember are the ones when the host was spectacular (think any year with Billy Crystal). Giving out awards is boring and so are most conferences (I know, but it is true).

I have been to hundreds of live comedy shows (as a comedian and an audience member), and when the host is amazing, the show is more fun. A strong personality who knows their role in the event, creates an experience for the audience.

Know Your Purpose For Having an Event EmCee

Too many business groups (associations and companies) overlook the importance of this role and have a board member or senior staff member / employee act as the event EmCee. This is usually done to save money or to give the stage time to this person. Both of those are the wrong reason to select a person to be MC.

If the purpose of your event EmCee is to make the experience great for the audience, then you are on the right track. A good master of ceremonies brings fresh energy and positivity to all attendees. Some groups have a person who is ideal to be in this role, but most will likely want to look outside your organization and find a professional master of ceremonies. While saving money is great, that is never about the participants.

(If you are using an internal event EmCee, here are “10 Tips for Being the MC“)

No matter who you select to be your event EmCee, share with them your purpose. Why are you hosting the event? What do you desire for the experience of the audience? How do you see the event Emcee impacting your conference. The more to share with your master of ceremonies about the “WHY” of your event, the better EmCee they will be before, during, and after you event.

Consider Thom Singer As Your Event EmCee.

I have worked with dozens of companies and associations in the role of Event EmCee / Event Host. My unique program called “The Conference Catalyst” that is something you will want to know more about. I bring excitement and real engagement and sets the tone for a conference where everyone feels welcome and becomes comfortable talking to others.

When participants at a convention make meaningful connections at the event, they are more likely to come back year after year. When I am your event EmCee we will get people to engage more and maximize their experience.

Let’s talk. Ask me about “The Conference Catalyst” program. Together we can customize an Event EmCee experience that will encourage your participants to become more interactive in all of their actions at the conference.


Thom Singer is a business motivational speaker and a professional Master of Ceremonies / Event EmCee. He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books.  He can be booked directly or via your favorite speakers bureau.