Event Host

Event Host - Thom Singer

Looking to hire an Event Host?

The event host you select for your conference will have a huge impact on the success of your event. If you are seeking a master of ceremonies / EmCee / host for your live gathering, then Thom Singer should be on the top of your short list.

Thom is an experienced keynote speaker and professional event emcee. He has hosted events for companies and associations from awards ceremonies to multiple day annual conventions. He is known as “The Conference Catalyst” for his unique program that encourages participants to be more engaged while on site at the event.

As an event host, he is committed to being a partner with the event management team. When selecting an EmCee you want more than some talking head who can read a script. You need a person who can think on their feet and incorporate their own experiences into weaving together the content. Your event host is the thread that brings continuity to the event.

The Event Host is Always “On Duty”

Corporate events are complicated. There is more to the role of host than pointing out the location of the restrooms and reading speaker bios. The best master of ceremonies is the host of the event onstage and at every coffee break, meal, and happy hour. The event host must be committed to helping engage the audience throughout the whole conference.

If you were hosting an event in your home you would not go and hide out while your guests were drinking wine. Too oten the EmCee disappears when they are not speaking on stage.

Additionally, internal event hosts from the company or the association get pulled in different directions, as they have another role as sales manager or as a board member. Hiring a professional EmCee means they have one job the whole time.

Opening Keynote Speaker or Closing Keynote Speaker

Many keynote speakers leave immediately after their talk. Thom Singer often serves in both roles of opening keynote speaker and as event host. He presents high energy and interactive speech, and then remains throughout the conference doing the job of EmCee. The great thing about this dual role is that the audience has the opportunity to get to know his personality in the keyonte. Most conference attendees like this unique situation of speaker / event host.

Another option is the closing keynote where Thom wraps up the whole event. The final session of a conference is paramount to the lasting impression of the event. Thom leaves your audience with an interactive discussion about the high-level learning and community participation that they encountered over the previous days.

Having been the event host puts him in control of wrapping up the conference with a message of how to keep the conversations going once everyone returns to their offices and daily routines. Learning without action is just lecture. Networking without follow up is just a party. Your conference was more than fluff; make sure each person has a road map for implementation of success.

Consider Thom Singer as Your Event Host

As you make the plans for your conference, put Thom Singer on the list of who could be the event host / master of ceremonies / EmCee. Thom will help you finalize any details of planning your conference, and is always excited to help you identify speakers. (Check out his list of “Recommended Professional Speakers”).

In the role of event host he will work with you to make your next event the “Best Conference Ever!”

Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee. As an event host he sets the tone for a more engaged conference. Thom is also the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books.