Health Care Speaker – Crossing The Performance Gap

You need a presentation that will engage your audience. Thom Singer is a health care speaker who is not talking about healthcare, but about human potential and results. Your health care meeting should inspire and encourage participants to improve their life and career.  And you meeting should be fun.

After a health care speaker finishes a keynote your audience should be saying “wow” and looking to take action.  The future of healthcare is changing fast, and Thom will meet with your planning committee for what he calls “Curated Customization” to ensure his message connects directly to the direction of hospitals and health organizations.

When seeking motivational speakers and keynote speakers, it is about more than customer service. Those in the health care industry want to be able to flourish in their work while serving others with the best possible results. Working on teams is not always easy, and that is true in all areas health care.

About Thom Singer

Thom has experience as a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He has the content and the speaking style to make your event memorable. He is fun and funny while making people examine a gap that sometimes exists between potential and performance. Your audience will want to talk to each other about their plans and passion for their commitment to health care.

As a health care speaker he has presented to medical universities, hospitals, hospice, medtech, insurance, home healthcare and others. Across all industry lines he has been known as “The Conference Catalyst” for how he can help get people to participate more while onsite at the live event.  Networking and human engagement are paramount to the success of any conference. Ask Thom Singer about his special topics to help people get more excited about business relationships.

Crossing The Performance Gap

Health Care Speaker - Thom Singer - Crossing the Performance GapThom’s most popular keynote as a health care speaker is “Crossing the Performance Gap: How to Overcome the Paradox of Potential“.  Let’s face it, potential is awesome, but potential does not equal results. Regardless of industry, people want results.  When the topic of taking action is skipped over, we are short-sheeting the success of the organization and the individual.

Too when selecting a health care speaker, we shy away from the idea of putting motivational performance on the agenda.  The excuse is that this topic is not right for the audience, but those in health care deserve to flourish at work more than anyone. All organizations need to educate their people as to the value of cultivating their goals, passion, and relationships with people.  Thom Singer is and inspirational speaker who can serve as you health care speaker for your next meeting – if you want to focus on potential and performance.