Industry Think Tank

Industry Think Tank with Thom Singer

In-person meetings can outpace virtual meetings when you turn your meeting into a “Think Tank”.  We learned during the days of social distancing that we can successfully share content via online platforms. Yet the power of human connections is hard to replace in a virtual setting. Thom Singer will work with your team to carve out an “Industry Think Tank”. This interactive session will help attendees become inspired with new ideas.

Companies and associations hire Thom Singer because he is engaging.  He makes people think while getting them to engage and network more than at any other meeting.

Beyond “networking”, in-person connections can spur conversation and fresh ideas. But too often conferences are simply a place for one-way communications and cheap beer at the open bar. The main reason people attend events is to meet people and learn.   When humans sharing best practices come together and open their minds, ideas are born that can change your industry.

Customize Your Industry Think Tank

This program will facilitate important topics. The program allows individuals to propose issues on which they are seeking answers. Meeting planners who are seeking unique programs to explore this unique session. This program was originally created in collaboration with the meeting planning staff and the board of directors of a large trade association.  It has now been used many times and can be customized to fit any type of conference or meeting.