Keynote Speaker Banking Industry – Engage Your Audience

Seeing a keynote speaker for the banking industry?  Welcome to my website.  Please visit my home page and look at the video and read the comments.  While I speak in all industries, I very much enjoy working with banking and credit union professionals.

keynote speaker banking industry

Beyond being a keynote speaker for banking industry, I have worked across my verticals in my previous career in sales and marketing.  I spent to years in business development with Wells Fargo, and have a deep understanding of the power of relationship sales in financial services.  People are funny about their money, and my keynote presentation “The Relationship Driven Career: How to Connect with People in a Gadget Crazed World” is ideal for bankers.

Retails bankers and business bankers from Bank of America to a local small town bank or credit union all rely on how they engage people.  It is true in all business, but doubly true in the banking industry that “People Do Business With Those They Know, Like, and Trust”.  But getting to know people is harder now in a world filled with online noise.

Remember when you could call a CEO or CFO and they would answer their own phone?  Now they do not even have a live assistant, but instead allow all unrecognized numbers to roll to voice mail.  And we all know what happens next…. DELETE. Those in the financial services industry are at a disadvantage if they are real numbers people, as often that means networking is not their favorite activity. All calls erased and you are not out front in the community means not enough business for your institution.

Does this sound familiar? Then I might be the right choice to be the next keynote speaker at banking industry events. I am a thought leader in getting people to look at how to connect better.  For nearly 15 years I have been known as “The Conference Catalyst” in how I get meeting participants to change their perception of how they engage at the conference and back home in their business community.

Banking and financial industry events can be boring if the needs of the participants are not properly explored. While data and numbers matter, both introverts and extroverts desire meaningful engagement and a fun presentation style.  While I am not a comedian, I did start performing at comedy open mic nights to improve my humor as a speaker.  While I wont make people belly laugh, together with your people we will share information and have fun along the way.  Too many banking keynote speakers fall short of this real human connection with the audience.

If you are seeking a keynote speaker for banking industry event, let’s have a conversation. My experience and my dedication to helping you create the best conference ever will combine to get your people to lean in.  Content and style matter in your keynote presentations.  If I am not the right fit, I promise to help you find someone who will “WOW” your crowd.


Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and corporate master of ceremonies / EmCee. He works with business professionals across industry lines to help them raise their level of performance in their job and life.