They usually do not teach “business development” in law school. To have a sustainable career, you might need to hire a coach to help you create the right plan.

Make 2021 The Year Of Business Development – Hire A Coach

You have talked about it for a long time.  Your career depends on the creation of a business plan that will allow you to bring in new clients.  Business development and building a professional brand is key to creating a long-term sustainable practice. Maybe it is time to work with an experienced “lawyer coach” to fine tune the business side of your practice.

They did not talk about this in law school, and your firm never has made learning to grow your reputation a priority.  But if you want to make partner or stay at the firm, you know it is time to create a plan and take action.

Lawyer Business Development Coach – Thom Singer

Thom Singer spent 5 years as the business development director for Austin and Dallas from two AM LAW 100 law firms.  He then went onto training lawyer on how to engage in the community, network, build a brand, navigate LinkedIn (and other digital tools), etc…  As a “lawyer coach” he understands the realities of working for a law firm. (Note – Thom is NOT a lawyer, but you do not want a coach with a JD, as you will later start to wonder why they are not practicing law).

As an attorney in a firm of any size, nobody will do this work for you.  You cannot assign your assistant to establish your reputation. It is a long term play that you have to be ready to undertake.


Invest In Your Future

If you are a senior associate or new partner, you have seen what happens to lawyers who have no book of business. Doing good work was important in the first few years, but client development gives you job security and autonomy.  You clicked on the link to this page because you know it is time to do something.  After a year of COVID quarantine, your social connections may have grown weak and your networking skills have atrophied.

There are many choices out there for business development coaching for lawyers, but Thom Singer makes it affordable.  Your firm may or may not invest in your future, but you should do something.  If not now, when?

Call Today

Thom works with those who take action. To get started, email or call him for a free 30 minute conversation.  If he is not the right fit you will know by the end of the call (finding a coach is not easy, and you must feel there is the right connection).  If he is the right fit, you can start within a week to learn the skills that will create the habits to grow your practice.

It is time to LEVEL UP

If you want a “Lawyer Coach” to help you figure out the mysteries of personal brand, sales, networking, business development and building a sustainable practice, call Thom Singer  – – 512-970-0398

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