The Power of Mentors

Speaker on Mentorship – Young Professionals Conference Speaker.

Monday Mentor Memo #1

Seeking a mentor? There is a lot said about the importance of having a mentor to help you navigate your career, but it is harder than it sounds to cultivate an ongoing and powerful long-term friendship with someone who has your back as you grow your career. Thom Singer shares his ideas around this important topic for young professionals and others.

Thom Singer is a professional speaker who often talks at Next Generation Business Events and Young Professional Conferences. The most popular thing that audiences want to have more information about is how to really find a mentor. Millennial audiences are interested in this topic, and many seek out mentors immediately after participating in this program.

Companies and associations who want to create mentoring program that works turn to Thom Singer, as he has first hand experience in the realities of cross generational and peer-to-peer networking and the creation of long-term mentoring relationships. There is no magic answer to finding a mentor, and you cannot simply assign people to work together.  This is a complicated issue of creating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Three tips to finding a mentor:

  1. Know what you want the relationship to look like.
  2. Get to know several people before asking anyone to be your mentor.
  3. The mentee must drive the early stages of the relationship.

The Monday Mentor Memo is a 10 part video series.