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Motivational Speaker Houston - Thom Singer, Keynote Speaker TEXASTexas Based Motivational Speaker – Houston: Corporate Training, Convention or Conference Event Speaker or EmCee.

Seeking a Motivational Speaker in Houston, Texas? Thom Singer, is an experienced master of ceremonies / emcee and professional keynote speaker who lives and works in Texas. He is who people call when they have an audience they want to focus on achieving potential.

Seasoned Motivational Speaker

Thom Singer has presented for companies and associations across the United States (and beyond). He works across industry lines and challenges audiences to find their gaps between potential and performance.

Singer is an award winning speaker and bestselling author who combines actionable content with his inspirational and motivational storytelling presentation style. He brings high energy to every event and is one of the best known speakers in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston motivational speaker community. Need a motivational speaker – HOUSTON, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, or DALLAS?  Call Thom Singer

Conference In Texas?

If you are planning your next convention, trade show, sales kick off, or conference in the State of Texas, Thom Singer may be the ideal speaker for your event. While no one speaker is the right choice for organization, his motivational keynotes will educate, inspire, and engage your audience.

Set the tone for more connections at your conference. Houston Motivational Speaker / Austin Motivational Speaker / San Antonio Motivational Speaker / Dallas Motivational Speaker?

Thom Singer is the motivational speaking expert in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio who sets the tone when he speaks to an audience. He transforms the energy which has a direct impact on the attendee participation.

This goes beyond “networking”. He creates an atmosphere where people will take real actions to interact with each other while present at the event. When people have better conversations and really connect, they have more positive feelings about the whole conference.

Compiling Your Short List of Motivational Speakers in Houston, Texas

Motivational Speaker Houston – As you prepare the “short list” of potential speakers in Houston, do not forget to visit Thom Singer’s website and watch his speaker video. He will customize his speech and create an interactive experience that will set the tone for your whole event.

It’s About Results

Motivational speaking is not just anyone standing on stage. Thom Singer knows it is an honor to work with you to motivate your audience. This means there has to be a path to real results. His programs are filled with engaging humor and interactive discussions, but they also have a series of actions that people can start to enact while still present in the conference center.

If you seek more than a speaker for your association or corporate event, ask Thom about his “Conference Catalyst Program“, where he does more than speak and leave. In this role he stays involved with your conference as the master of ceremonies / emcee for up to four days.

Speaker / Client Discovery Process

Singer has delivered over 850 formal business presentations in his career and is a proud member of the meetings industry. His commitment to the business of professional motivational speaking and his extensive experience is an added benefit for his clients. Thom is an excellent resource for those who wants to find new ways to create a unique experience.

Thom’s involvement with an event is usually more than just “speak and leave” (he find too many keynote speakers run to the airport immediately after their talk). Instead he is engaged with the client and their audience before, during, and after his speech. It is common to find him roaming the convention center hallway asking attendees about what they are enjoying about their visit to Austin and then weaves these conversations to his stage presentation.

Discovering a speaker who is the right choice for your event should be more than a guess. Thom Singer wants to have an extensive conversation with you to ensure he is the correct fit to have a real impact on your audience. He offers a free “Conference Speaker Review” call to any meeting planner – even if he is not who they are looking to hire.

A Great Motivational Speaker For Any Event

Thom speaks at large industry conventions, association meetings, customer / users conferences, and internal meetings for companies of all sizes. While his topics are well received by all industries, he has a specialty for the “left-brained professionals: – lawyers, accountants, engineers, bankers, real estate, technology, finance, IT, etc…. Smart people who are serious about work and life, but who need to achieve more, will stand up and applaud his messages.

If you are seeking motivational speakers in Houston, Texas, call Thom Singer today. He is familiar working in all the local venues, including the Houston Convention Center, local conference centers and hotels.

Hire Thom Singer

Motivational Speaker Houston – Thom Singer can be booked through your favorite speakers bureau or directly at / (512) 970-0398.

See him in action – Watch Thom’s Motivational Speaker Video.

Association and corporate speaker – Motivational Speaker – Austin, TX

Thom Singer has lived in Texas for over 28 years. He well known as one of the most active motivational speakers in the State. Hire Thom for your next Houston event.