My Sales Call – Weekly Sales Meeting for Solopreneurs

My Sales Call - Weekly Sales Meeting for Solopreneurs

Having A Peer Group Is More Important Now Than Ever

In the wake of the Coronavirus and the shut down of much of our society, small businesses are being hurt across industry lines. Those who work solo are even more vulnerable. I created My Sales Call last year to help entrepreneurs focus on selling, but now this group is more important than ever.

Weekly Group Call For Those Who Need To Sell

When I worked for a large company, we had weekly sales and marketing meetings. At the time I rolled my eyes at these gatherings, but they were an important way to help keep me focused on my sales pipeline and to hear best practices.

In the early days of my speaking business, I had a business partner. We would have calls each week. While he was not my boss, he did keep me accountable to getting things done and closing sales. I think those calls kept me from curling up in the corner and crying when times got difficult.

But now it is just me. Being a solopreneur is hard. No matter what products or service you offer the business of your business can be a busy and lonely.  And when it comes to sales you need to stay motivated and encouraged.

Recently I met a very successful sales professional from a Fortune 500 company.  As we discussed his success, he gave credit to a group he founded of sales people who wanted their own sales call (beyond that they had inside their companies).  He stared a weekly call with others who were hungry to grow their book of business.  The idea was get ambitious people together and thrive off the energy and ideas of everyone in the group.

WOW… I wanted to join his group. However, he only let people participate who were working for the 1000 largest companies.  And, his group was capped with a year long wait list.  Yet he encouraged me to start my own group and to find other speakers and small business people who shared my desire to get around high quality people with ambition.

Welcome to My Sales Call – How It Works

I have started this group to jump start the sales process for me and everyone who participates.  There is a small fee to participate ($250 per every three months), but I will never get rich from this fee.  It is there to keep you and me accountable to making a full effort to engage in the community.  I am not charging a yearly fee, as if someone does not like the group or does not want to come and be engaged, I do not want them to feel there was a huge outlay of money.

Some people have complained about my asking for a modest participation fee… but this is for 52 calls a year.  There is a ton of work to organize and ensure this will have real value.  Less than $85 a month, and no long term commitment.  I have spent too much on useless coaching and other programs, so if this is not a good match your are not out any amount of money.  But if the fee bothers you, then move on and do not play in this pool.

Every Monday at Noon Central we will have a live Zoom call that will be recorded for members who could not be present. The recording will only be accessible to those who are in the group.  On the calls we will discuss ideas, best practices, etc…  Some weeks there will be guest speakers who are successful sales professionals in a variety of industries.

There will be a closed Facebook group for ongoing interaction, sharing, and accountability.

Want To Join?

I founded this group to be the weekly sales call I wished I was having.  For a while I had an outside sales person who made calls on my behalf.  While we had modest success, the best part was the call every Monday. Each week we not only discussed his business development progress, but we also talked about strategy and trends.  I need this, and you might, too.

To join we have to make sure that there is good synergy.  I may or many not know you, and I do not want anyone signing up for this who does not understand the purpose of the call. I am asking people who want to be part of this group to reach out to me directly at or 512-970-0398.  When you are ready to join I will share the PayPal link and you will be added to the FB group.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He is the host of two podcasts, including the entrepreneur podcast “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”