One-Man Show to Replace Your Keynote Session

One-Man Show for your next conference keynote session:

Thom Singer Presents – Imagination Ovation (working title).

one man show

This One-Man Show is  designed for conference organizers who are truly looking for something unique in place of one of their general session keynotes.  This 45 minute business themed “play” is the creation of acclaimed master of ceremonies and keynote speaker Thom Singer.  He speaks regularly to business and association audiences in the United States and beyond, and is often brought back for multi-year work for annual events by clients who appreciate his flexibility in creating customized programs.

Having presented over 500 times in the past decade, Singer discovered that meeting organizers and convention audiences are hungry for useful content delivered in new and engaging ways.  But too often what is presented as unique is just the same speech warmed over by the speaker.  In creating this one-man show production, Singer merged the world of being a keynote speaker with that of being an actor and has created an experience that will both educate and entertain.

The play explores how many people in business get stuck and fail to use their imagination to create new solutions.  This experiential story encourages people to look inside themselves for the answers to being more fulfilled at work and in life.  The main character of the one-man show, Chuckie, is the live embodiment of Singer’s own childhood imaginary friend.  Telling the tale of what happens to those make believe friends we had as kids, and showing all that innovation is possible with a revisit to a time of imagination.

Don’t assume that this one-man-show is not business focused, as Singer never forgets in this production that a business keynote slot at a conference needs to have a combination of information, motivation, humor and learning objectives.   This show was not written for a Broadway Theater, but instead it was conceived and created for association and business convention audiences as a unique and meaningful addition in the agenda of any event.

The show is ready to be scheduled for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Conference Season.  If your association or corporation is exploring innovative ways to fill a general session, contact Thom Singer today for more information about how to bring this message to life at your next event.

What is a One-Man Show?