How To Get Paid To Speak

Paid to Speak

Most coaching programs the coach gets paid no matter if you make any money.  Thom Singer is doing something different for people who want to learn to get paid to speak.  The key is mutually beneficial conversations and a commitment to integrity from everyone involved.

How will it work? You will get the coaching and if you get booked you pay.  If you do not make money, you don’t.  Honor system.

What? What kind of coach does that?  Thom Singer.

This is “No BS” coaching for those who want to learn how to make money speaking.  Are you sick of the “gurus” who are promising you to make millions from paid speaking? There are many high paid programs that will lure you in with dreams of fame and fortune as a speaker, but the speaking business is not a simple industry.  There are many different types of events who hire a wide variety of speakers.  The first step is to discover where you fit into this stew.

Thom Singer has earned a six figure per year income as a speaker for nearly a decade.  His income comes mostly from speaking fees, not from coaching, hosting his own events, consulting, etc…

This coaching program is designed for those who have a desire to add paid speaking to their income.  Becoming a full-time professional speaker is a career, and that requires full-time attention, but you can speak occasionally and to be fairly compensated for your efforts.  This is possible, but you first need to break down the realities of the business and face the honest truth about your own experience as a speaker.

We live in a polite society, so after a presentation most speakers hear from the audience members a compliment of “great speech”, but this is often because approaching someone after their presentation and saying “that was mediocre” is not socially acceptable.  Too many speakers think “great speech” means they are great on stage.  Maybe, but maybe not.  Thom will talk about how to know if you are great and how to improve no matter how good you already are when presenting.

Things you will learn:

  • The realities of the speaking business and who hires speakers
  • What speakers are paid based on their experience and fame
  • The realities about how long it takes to build a reputation as a speaker
  • How to find your topic and put create a unique selling perspective
  • The importance of your own stories vs general stories
  • Marking yourself as a speaker
  • Asking for money
  • Figuring out which non-profits pay speakers
  • Standing out from crowd of 50,000 other speakers

If this sounds like it would help you figure out the landscape of speaking, call Thom Singer to find out more about how to work with him on launching your paid speaking adventure.

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