Peer Potential Forum


“Thom is a skilled and natural facilitator. We’ve invited him to speak at numerous National Tour Association events over the years, and our attendees not only love him, they also value his knowledge and expertise. We knew he was the perfect fit for a new networking and idea-sharing discussion we were introducing. We were right, and the feedback has been very positive”. –Catherine Prather – National Tour Association

Peer Potential Forum

Tired of the same opening general session at every conference?

Are the participants at your event asking for more interaction and engagement?

Could people benefit from hearing about the experiences of others in attendance?

Is facilitated networking something your conference needs?

The multi-day conference model has been the same for many years. Keynote speakers and breakouts, coupled with conversations at happy hour.  Yet how we validate information has changed to being more peer driven than expert lead.  But conferences remain the same.  Is there something else we can do?

The Peer Potential Forum is the best of both worlds: Part keynote and part round-table learning discussions.  Keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies, Thom Singer, creates a hybrid and customized experience for your event that brings together both a traditional general session presentation with active participation on topics relevant to your industry.

Thom utilizes his ten years of experience as a keynote speaker and weaves the high energy and actionable content around small group peer to peer round table discussions that are participant driven.  His high level facilitation skills keep the program interesting, engaging, fun, and running on-time.  He created this program as an experiment with a long-term client, the National Tour Association.  They were seeking something different as a way to kick off a conference, and together they created this hybrid session.

Infuse your conference with an active “buzz” that happens when people share ideas and feel they are connecting with each other. Make the opening general session fully inclusive and show everyone that the event is 100% participant focused.


  • Short-talk style keynote about how to better engage with people in a gadget crazy world
  • Explanation of the power of curiosity and conversation in building relationship
  • Facilitated networking that gets people to open up and share their knowledge
  • Customized questions for discussion with peers (based on your industry)
  • Group sharing after each round-table
  • Recap of the session with action items for continued conversations

Take your meeting in a new direction and start off with The Peer Potential Forum.

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