The 7 most downloaded Podcast Interviews of the past three years are listed below.  September 30, 2017 marks three years since the launch of the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast.  With almost 300 episodes and 250 unique interviews there have been many amazing entrepreneurs who have come to share their knowledge with the show’s audience.

While every episode has had an amazing guest and interesting and inspiring ideas, these are the ones that the most people have heard.

  1. Carlos Hidalgo – CEO (1st interview in November 2015.  He was on the show again in 2017).
  2. Linda Smith (The Meanest Woman Alive) – Lawyer (September 2015).
  3. Brian Carter – Author / Social Media Expert. (November 2014).
  4. Fraternities, Sororities and Entrepreneurship (December 2014).
  5. Jody and Jason Womack – Husband and Wife Entrepreneurs (January 2015)
  6. Chris Brogan – Author / Social Media Expert (December 2014)
  7. Zach Obront – Book in a Box (October 2015)

Check out these great episodes.  If you like what you hear, reach out to me at or on Twitter @CoolPodcast.