Jeff Sandefer is an entrepreneur and a teacher. As an entrepreneur, he founded a number of successful companies — his first at age 16; his largest with billions of dollars in assets.

Business may be his day job, but Jeff’s passion is teaching. While he was at the University of Texas, his students five times voted him the school’s Outstanding Teacher and The Economist named Jeff one of the fifteen top Business School professors in the world.

In 2009 Jeff and his wife Laura started Acton Academy, a cutting edge K12 school named after Lord Acton, a 19th-century scholar who championed freedom, whose most famous quote is “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Acton Academy’s learner-driven model is spreading like wildfire across the globe, with over 150 locations launched or soon to launch, and thousands of applications pending to open a leaner driven community. In an age where Google shares information, Uber shares cars, and Airbnb shares rooms, Acton Academy turns learning upside down by equipping children to share learning with each other, in a close-knit community with extremely high standards of excellence.

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