Kala Ranganathan is a high-tech marketing and communications executive by profession. She has worked in high-demand work environments her entire life with large global entities such as Dell to smaller, nimble startups that enjoyed successful IPOs or acquisitions such as MapInfo, Vignette and Exterprise. She took a short eat-pray-love break last year to internalize the meaning of success. The answer is not in the number of awards or accolades but good mental balance, emotional intelligence and a happy outlook. She joined the Resilient 1 to help teams find that important balance between the corporate environment and the individual self. Through the Resilient 1 Workshops, her team is inspired to help share their very real benefits for people in and out of the workplace. 

About Resilient 1

The Resilient 1 Team, based out of Austin, Texas, builds full-stack wellness programs that enables dependable, dynamic cycles of performance and recovery in the corporate environment. From everyday change to life’s toughest challenges, the R1 team of experts are committed to helping individuals and teams build the foundation for organizational strength and sustained high performance.


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