Associations, membership and mentoring are the topics on this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.

Brian Kurth is the founder and CEO of Revere Software ( He and his company work with associations, alumni associations, large non-profits and corporations to connect knowledge seekers with subject matter experts.  Think LinkedIn meets  Tune in and hear Brian chat with Thom Singer about how in a new world associations are almost mandated to provide services to connect members to eachother for the purpose of sharing information.

In 2001 Brian was in traffic wondering if there was a better way than fighting the uphill battle of the “corporate grind”. A year later he started his first company. Today, with his third business, he loves the freedom. He is excited about Revere and what they bring to their clients, and you can tell in hearing his story that he has a true passion for being and entrepreneur.

For organizations struggling to share knowledge and foster engagement among their students, members or employees, Revere™ offers a private-labeled, online platform that easily and efficiently connects knowledge seekers with subject-matter experts.

Revere entered the market in 2014 as Pivot Enterprise, a spin-off of PivotPlanet, a fee-for-service matchmaking site for individual knowledge seekers, with its origin dating back to 2002. In 2015, under the leadership of Founder and CEO Brian Kurth, Pivot Enterprise re-emerged as Revere Software, a stand-alone company based in Austin, Texas.

Revere’s clients include leading universities, global nonprofit organizations, foundations, professional associations, and corporations.

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