While he enjoys hearing, “You’re doing great!”, the follow-up sentence of, “Just keep doing what you’re doing!” doesn’t work for Pete Mockaitis. He wants a clear and actionable roadmap of the things he needs to do to get where he wants to go.
Pete wants to know the tools, hacks, and strategies that are both sensible and proven by those who came before him.  He has always been pathologically curious. As a kid, Pete would go to the Danville Public Library every weekend with his dad, eager to learn. Sure enough, the more he learned in an area, the better he performed! That curiosity served him well and earned him some flashy credentials. Pete has consulted at Bain & Company and has spent thousands of hours delivering one-on-one coaching to 700+ world-class thinkers to sharpen their communication and problem-solving skills.
His clients hail from over 50 countries, every Ivy League school, and world-class organizations such as Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, the United Nations, and Amazon.
But the creds matter little compared to the impact he has enjoyed making. His website and podcast “Be Awesome At Your Job” enables Pete to multiply that impact by sharing the best insights he has learn from the best thinkers in the world. 
Pete Mockaitis love people who enjoy “dorking out” about powerful knowledge as much as he does.
In this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” he shares details from his journey and candid advice for anyone who wants to be awesome at their job.

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