BINGE Networks, founded by Bonnie Bruderer is a network of creators, by creators, for creators. 

The multi-channel network allows for any person, brand or company to be able to afford main-stream TV advertising, using the connected device television market.

BINGE creates custom branded channels on their network, for each content creator and then each time a video is uploaded, its proprietary syndication software shares the video on 50 OTT platforms.

It has bridged the gap to the OTT world.

They are currently seeking content creators in the areas of:

-Professional Services and more.

To apply for a channel on this network:

Bonnie Bruder is the Executive Producer of over 700 television segments, airing on BINGE and other outlets.

She is also the writer, director, producer of the film INFLUENCER, a documentary about the social media stars and the billions of dollars in ad dollars that have been generated over the last few years.

She is on the board of OTT Fest, TEDx Marin, a member of the Emmy’s in Florida and involved in many other content creation projects.

She is also available for high-level consulting in the OTT space and for people that are looking to build out their own media network.

She can be reached at:


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